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“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” Mary W. Shelly

Todays words of wisdom. So what happened ?
Well…. Today is the day my father passed away after years of sickness. It wasn’t unexpected, and I wondered when it finally would happen. We didn’t speak for years. We weren’t close. I often wondered how I would react. I kind of feel empty. I know people expect I would be broken. You should be if one of your parents passed away. I know a lot of people far away are in pain today. My thoughts go out to them who feel a lost and are sad.
I got sad for a short while when I got to know this morning. Got in touch with friends to tell them what happened. Good to have friends who understand and support. Got a millions thoughts on my mind to sort out.
Tonight I’m going out. Now while I’m writing my exam it’s good not to be at home 24 hours without no-one to talk. Not always good to be in a bubble…
It gonna be some difficult days ahead when it comes to explain why I won’t come to his funeral. Just trying not to step on every single foot on my way…

Wish you a happy night.