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“A good time to start something new!” – found on verybestquotes

What could be better words of words of wisdom today, on day 365 of the challenge I gave myself last year?
The 365 days words of wisdom challenge has come to an end. I’ve posted more or less “wise words” for 365 days now. Have to admit I didn’t manage to do it everyday, basically because I’ve sometimes have been in places where I didn’t manage to upload anything at all… But well, still 365 posts…

Somehow it also the right time to finish. I got my first yogateacher job today, starting as a substitute teacher in two weeks from now. I’m very excited and also a bit nervous. But hey! – new start new possibilities 🙂

I already started a yogablog for Langer yoga here on WordPress, but it’s in Norwegian… But maybe some of the Norwegian readers want to go and read there, too.

Guess I have to come up with something new here now, too… Maybe I’ve got time to write more about art and artists again 🙂

Wish you all a happy night, and thank you for following the words of wisdom challenge!!! ❤