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Thank you 2015 for the lessons you teached me. You turned out to be different then I espected… You were hard, painful, hurtful, educational, but you also taught me to see who my real friends are mine, whom I can trust, and who is there when I need it. That was a good thing.

I got to know new, beautiful people, special in their own ways very single one, and I got closer to old long absent friends.
I had to say good-bye to my grandfather who was the most important person and the light in my life, and my father who was the big shadow of my life passed away.
When light and shadows disappear – what’s left….?

The emotional and physical stress this year has nourished my sarcoidosis and I got to know just now I’ll might to have to start on a heavy treatment in February. That wasn’t the message I hoped for. That’s not the best way to end 2015. But 2015 kind of ends liked it started, wish being sick and uncertain. But this way the circle is closed. I hopefully be able to start up something new… .

Somehow I feel rootless and unsure where to go from here… I know I go ahead, but I don’t know where I’ll end up.
First stop 2016 is India… Let’s wait and see where I go from there.

I thank you all for following this year. I wish you a good start to the new year.
May it be full of joy, good health, friends, love and peace.