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Yesterday…. Sunday 24th 2017…. Germany’s population voted for a new government.
82,8 Million people are living in Germany. 61,5 Million were allowed to vote. Around 75 % used their right to vote for a new government.
I’ve been living in Norway since 1994 and this year was the last time I could vote for a new government. When Germany votes for a new government in 4 years from now I’ll lived to long abroad. I won’t be allowed to vote anymore. So of course I voted for “the last time”. I thought with all the things happening in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world it was kind of even more important to use my right to vote.
Nationalism, populism, racism, war, terrorism, etc. How could I not use one of my possibilities to race my voice?
There are still countries where people can’t vote free. There are still countries where woman are not allowed to vote.
In Germany woman got the right to vote on January, 19th 1919. That’s less than 100 years ago…
So why are I’m writing about the German election this year? Because the result upsets me. It makes me sad, angry, scared. I have to admit I cried last night when the results slowly ticked in.
Because of one number…

5 877 094 is the number. That’s the number of voters who voted for AfD (Alternative for Germany) in the German election…
Please chew a bit on this number before I explain….  5.877.094
That’s more people than the population of the German capital Berlin (3.515.473). That’s almost as many as there are living in Bagdad, Iraq (5.672.513) and a little bit less than in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (6.023.742). These numbers are from 2014, but were one of the better lists I found… It’s just to have something to compare the number with.

For me living in Norway this number compared means:
The number of inhabitants in (whole) Norway as of January, 1st 2017 was 5.258.317.
In the parliamentary elections earlier this month there were 3.756.300 voters throughout Norway. Think about it …. Chew a bit on these numbers…
5.877.094 more than all of Norway’s population.
There are quite a few more people than were voting at their last election ….

There are a total of 5.877.094 people in Germany who voted for a party in the government elections where key people say that they:
a) Will hunt for government regardless of who the government becomes.
b) who will take back the people and the country (Germany for Germans)
c) will close the external borders and defend them with weapons against refugees: men, women and children
d) want to pursue a policy as different as possible as today’s democracy
e) Muslims and other non-Christians do not belong in Germany
f) that the German military did an excellent job during World War I and World War II and that this should be honored
g) will abolish Germany in its current form
h) Changes do not occur through speech, but iron and blood
i) Democracy means that there is one Nation ruling, not several
j) The term Nazi should be a positive expression again
k) People with different cultural backgrounds are liked as soccer players but not welcome as neighbours
l) believes that Breivik (Norwegian terrorist) became a mass murderer of pure despair over culture-induced
m) that the family consists of man, woman and child and that gender differences should not be thematized through gender ideology
n) counteract the reduction of the original population
o) Children of immigrants can not ever become German citizens due to ancestry principles
p) Europe must consist only of souvenir states (abolish the EU)
q) that when you do not have financial resources, unemployed people have to get the opportunity to sell their organs to earn money
r) German leadership culture instead of a multicultural society based on values ​​from Christianity and antiquity.
Do I need to continue or understand why I’m “little” more than “somewhat worried” about this party having entered the government? This is not a small storm in a water bottle that is soon over ….
The rise of nationalist societies is high in Europe, including the Nordic region.
There are processes that are similar to processes in the 1930s.
This party has received 94 (!!!) seats in House of Representatives. For comparison, the environmental party has 67 seats…. The SPD now out of government cooperation has 153 … Not so very much more than AfD …
That Nazi are NOT an option the world has seen before …

So maybe you now realize that I’m walking around and am sorry, frustrated, scared …
And I thank all those people who went out on the streets in Germany to demonstrate against AfD ❤ ❤ ❤  Watch here! (German language)