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Sunday November 19th I traveled back from Copenhagen to Oslo after spending a nice weekend with friends. It could have ended as nice with boarding and just finding my seat, BUT I was stopped by a quite stressed lady handling the passengers at the gate.
Wonder if she’s been watching too much Lords of the Rings since she was going of the a Gandalf way “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”
She thought that the bag with my tax-free stuff was to big. I was ordered to sent it. I explained that it was tax-free stuff , including bottles and that the shop didn’t have big enough bags for the calendars… I was told that I only could take one piece of luggage onboard. Do I need to say that while we talked people enter the plane with several tax-free bags, suitcases and handbags, some of them passing us with more than 4 pieces of hand luggage?
I took the bottles out of the bag and put them into the shoulder bag, only leaving the 3 chocolate calendars in the bag which could easily be folded around the calendars so it was much smaller.

shoulderbag 2

The shoulder bag with bottles and some clothes…

I wanted to enter and was stopped again. I had been told to send that bag and I wouldn’t get through before she got the back and put it to be sent… Nope, I’m not kidding… Wished I was… It ended up with 3 Kinder chocolate calendars be sent with the checked in luggage… (3 calendars with a weight of 182 g each, like this one)
I actually was quite angry, since also after I finally got on board people still were allowed on board with suitcases, handbags and tax-free bags. I spend the time on the plane to write this to Norwegian:
“I’m wondering about the logic of the following: I traveled with Norwegian from Copenhagen tonight and traded gifts in the tax-free shop (Kinder-Advent Calendars) and 2 other chocolates I want to give away. Also bought something sparkling wine. The tax-free store did not have big enough bags for the calendars, so I chose to put everything in a plastic bag, which I accidentally had at the bottom of the shoulder bag. At the gate I was told that this bag had to be sent since it was a little bigger than usual hand luggage. I explained that there were duty-free things in it and that I had to change the bottles over the shoulder bag to make sure they did not break. I was told to do that. As a result, the bag was actually much smaller than hand luggage, read a little big plastic bag.
Nevertheless, I was told that I was not allowed to bring it in even though it had fit well next to the shoulder bag under the seat in front of me. The staff at the gate seemed stressed and absolutely not willing to listen to it. She said I could only carry a handbag with me . I then went on board since I realized she did not change her mind.
On board I witnessed that people came on board with suitcases so.
Is larger than usual handbag in addition to tax-free bags and a small handbag as well. I really wonder the logic of this.
Why are there any passengers who carry larger than allow handbags in addition to several other things they wear, while others do not get 3 chocolate calendars onto the plane?
I travel a lot and often with shoulder bag I used today both with Norwegian and other airlines since I know it easily can be put with tax-free bags under the seat in front. I have never been stopped and told that I can not bring tax-free goods because I’m only allowed to have one pieces of luggage on board?
I think this is reasonably unbearable. I understand that there is a need to reduce handbags on fully booked aircraft, but I have to say that this seems arbitrary and with little context. I mean that in this case it should be such that large suitcases can not be included in addition to another handbag and bags either.
Or is it that when the tax-free shop does not have big enough bags, it’s better to take things loose under your arm instead of collecting them in an alternative bag?
I look forward to getting an explanation. At the same time, I thank you for answering in advance and for having a new blog post as well as starting point for philosophical theme next week’s teaching.
I just hope that the calendars will survive the transport. Otherwise, you have a new complaint with a claim for compensation.
With not very friendly greetings
Anny Langer
for Langer Yoga”


Until today, almost 1 month later and after sending several e-mails Norwegian still hasn’t answer to any of my mail. To be honest – I’m pissed….