Anny Langer

A bit of everything – everything of a bit…

About me

I’m an educated pedagogue and work with art additional to my work with children with special needs. I’m educated both in art and pedagogy.
I was born and grew up in Germany, spent my childhood summers in Denmark and moved to Norway in 1994.
I live in Norway’s capital Oslo in a part of the city close to the forest. The forest is my hideaway from the busy days –  a place where I find inspiration and peace.

Art always has been a passion and the more I learn the more I realize that there’s so much more to learn. Personally I work with photos, painting, drawings and writing. I find my inspiration in the things around me, nature, music and poetry and in the long talks with people I meet.

I’ve been so lucky to show my artwork in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain and the USA both in private and in group exhibitions. Apparatjik used some of my photos in their Light Space Modulator at The New National gallery in Berlin, Germany. And songwriter and musician Luca Siani used one of my sunflower photos as single cover for “Paper Sunflowers”.
In 2010 I publish a little book with photos and poems “Far away – yet closed“.

You can find more information about me, galleries and news on my website

3 thoughts on “Anny Langer”

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  2. Anton Jarrod said:

    Great! Lykke til, med boken din. Oslo er også et spesialt sted for meg. Glede meg til å følge pågående artikkler. Anton


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