Artists through history

Artists through history…. Many artists has passed through the centuries… Many are recognized and many are forgotten. each countries has his “favourites”, the known ones, those who meant something for the arts at their time, pushed it into another direction… But there were many more artists than we read about in the art history books, and many we might never hear about.
When I grow up I felt a lack of female artists. I was often told that “women didn’t beome artist” or “there just weren’t any who were good enough”…
Well, there were and there are and thanks to many (female) art historians who started to dig deep into the archives we today have access to many of there lifestories and artwork.
And their stories are worth to tell again and again and their pictures should be shown more often…
I’ll post some of them here and gonna give you links to find more about them…
And of course – if anyone knows of anyone, let me  know….

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