Allan Twiname – The Scot

Drawings and photography

Allan Twiname

Allan Twiname was born in 1970 in Dumfries, Scotland. He moved to Edinburgh for studies and lives now in the small coastal town of Burntisland in the Kingdom of Fife.

The Royal Burgh of Burntisland is a coastal resort on the Firth of Forth with a population of about 6,000. It’s well-known to generations of day trippers, who return time and again to enjoy the beach, the Links and the annual summer fairground. The highlight of the summer is the Highland Games in July.
Burntisland also has many historic attractions like the Parish Church, which was built between 1592 and 1595, and Rossend Castle, parts of which date from the thirteenth century. The local Heritage Trust holds  summer exhibitions at the Heritage Centre in the Kirkgate and gives guided historical walks. Scotland’s Museum of Communication has annual exhibitions at its base in the High Street.

Allan Twiname

Allan mostly took a science path through school and college, obtaining an HNC in Physics and Microelectronics.
In art he’s an autodidact. In the past he’s been commissioned in the past to draw animals and design tattoos. He mainly works with pencil, but he although enjoy the colour and feel of working with pastels.
His inspiration in art is mostly Salvador Dali. He also appreciates Monet, DaVinci and Michaelangello.

He’s one of the great creative people I got to know during the TSLO exhibition in Denmark and I’m happy that we still “work together”.  I know him mainly as a photographer with an eye for the details in nature and his surroundings.
He himself says “The enjoyment of photography stemmed from the art. I would take pictures of things I wanted to put  on to paper, eventually taking pictures of things just for their beauty or the words they spoke to me.”

Allan started off with photography when he was very small. He and his brother used to take pictures of ourselves, juggling with perspective (being as tall as a house and things like that.) But it wasn’t easy, or particularly cheap as it was all film and sending the spools away for developing.

His interest in art came about as a result of his love of music. He was sitting for hours studying the artwork on LP’s as they played on the stereo. He started to copy the covers, or parts of them on to schoolbooks, folders and brightened up the backs of envelopes when writing to friends.

Allan Twiname

This in turn sparked the photography once more, especially when he at college got his first digital camera (a 1.2 m pixel with a 2x zoom). Allan as a fascinated by the object allowing him to take photos of things which he could draw – and back to the music – to photograph live bands.
Allan slowly progressed through cameras, and learned as he went until now. Ross Halfin is his main inspiration when it comes to photos.


2011   Art without borders
Kolping Hotel Am Römerturm, Cologne, Germany
2010   Art without borders,
Kolping Hotel Am Römerturm, Cologne, Germany
2009   Art without borders,
Kolping Hotel Am Römerturm, Cologne, Germany
2008   TSLO
Fyns Exhibition hall building for Art and Design, Odense, Denmark
2007   TSLO,
Fyns Exhibition hall building for Art and Design, Odense, Denmark
2006   TSLO,
Fyns Exhibition hall building for Art and Design, Odense, Denmark

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