Annailo – Oli Skjellum – Visual poet

words – music – photography

Annailo – Oli Skjellum – was born and grew up in a beautiful little place called Vågå in Gudbrandsdalen  in Norway. A place surrounded by high mountains. The most international known person from Vågå is probably Knut Hamsun.

She now lives in the small town Skoppum in Vestfold – which is really quite the opposite to Vågå especially if it comes to nature. But still – nature plays an important role in Annailos photos.

I got to know her through the MEMORIES IV: What 4? exhibition in Odense, Denmark. And we’ve been in touch since then.

After visiting her and her family while she exhibited as the Sansespel artist of the year in 2009 I understood how much this place with the beautiful nature around had educated her photographic eye, and maybe also the melancholy in her work.

That year she was appointed by the committee at The Sansespel Festival to show two solo exhibitions during the festival.
Annailo is creative involved in photographing, writing and music – three art forms she can not live without. They’re connected in her art, feeding each other with inspiration and creativity.

She works with black and white and colour photography. In her photos Annailo captures the moment – the light of the blue hour falling above the mountains or a facial expression lasting just for a second.

Oli says about herself:

I photograph, but I am no photographer.
I write,
but I am no writer.
I was once a musician
lost along the road.
Life is too short to hide these things
I cannot live without.”

While her photos capture the moment her poems and her writing is more reflecting and describing her observations of people, places and life in general.
Here’s one of the poems – go and read more on her blogg.

A door opened and no one was there. Two minutes in complete silence, for those who stayed in the house. Then a dog barked somewhere in distance, while a car passed outside the window. A plant on the table had turned brown after lacking water for weeks, and the sofa had seen better days. A half eaten sandwich was left under the table, on the red carpet, bought a long time ago on a trip to Turkey. A poetry book was lying on a shelf, old and handwritten. A man and his lost love, page up and page down. And no one could understand. The pen he used was still by the book, twenty years after he wrote it. On the shelf it would be forgotten, behind the dust that had found its home on the cover of it. Pieces of a heart were spread with the wind, forever circling among the trees.No music, no songs, no voice to tell. Only a memory left of a lost time that was already forgotten.

The taste of dust was left on my lips, when I put my head down to rest.

Oli Skjellum also founded “Life is Art – Art for charity” a registered non-profit Organization that understands the impact of inspiration, the importance of creating and the power of friendship across borders, believing that the sum of these can make tremendous changes in a person’s life – and the world!


2004   MEMORIES: The Spirit Lives On – Group exhibition
Filosofgangen Gallery, Odense – Denmark
2005   MEMORIES II: A Family Affair – Group exhibition
Filosofgangen Gallery, Odense – Denmark
The Fellowship Festival – Group exhibition/competition
Wembley Conferance Center, London –UK
2006   MEMORIES III: All good things come in 3s – Group exhibition
Filosofgangen Gallery, Odense – Denmark
2007   MEMORIES IV: What 4? – Group exhibition
Filosofgangen Gallery, Odense – Denmark
2008   The Phoenix Project – Group exhibition
Filosofgangen Gallery, Odense – Denmark

2009   Sanser på skinner – Solo exhibition
Bokhandel´n, Vågå – Norway
Can you listen through photographs? – Solo exhibition
Bowlingen, Vågå – Norway
Memories and Roots – ongoing Solo exhibition
Bowlingen, Vågå – Norway

2005   A Hobbit´s Heart
Charity auction arranged by Billy Boyd´s Loons Charities
The proceeds were donated to The Scottish Youth Theater
2009   The Sansespel artist of the year appointment by the committee at The                      Sansespel Festival www.
Five exclusive photographs in limited edition were available for sale              through the Sansespel Committee.
One exclusive photo printed on canvas was awarded the chef Arne Brimi              as a part of the Sansespel Award 2009.


Oli Skjellum

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