Diana Dinslage – Sporty with camera

Art and horses

Copyright by Diana Dinslage

Diana Dinslage was born in Wuppertal (Germany) in 1976. She grew up in Vettelschoss. Diana attended the career training in the public administration of the Federal Bureau of Internal affairs and Statistics at the federal ministry in Bonn. She now works at the Federal Bureau of Statistics in Bonn and lives in St. Katharinen.

For those how don’t know Germany that well…
Vettelschoss is a small town with around 3.500 citizens between Bonn, the former capitol of Western Germany, and the city Koblenz. Vettelschoss is a former health resort and located close to the river Rhine, the Siebengebirge (“the seven mountains”), Westerwald (“Western Forest”) and Wiedtal.
St. Katharinen is located in the same area. It’s to count as a quite new township and was found in 1969. St. Katharinen was in earlier time part of the Electorate Cologne and part off the parish Linz.
As with many small towns St. Katharinen’s history is full of historical events and there some sights worth to visit. For example the late classicistic castle Renneberg was built by Prince Friedrich IV. of Salm-Kyrburg. It was the summer residence of the family “von Renneberg”, but 1888 the family made it their permanent residence. The prince served Napoleon as personal ordnance officer.
There also has been a Cistercienster abbey until 1803. The gothic church from the year 1238 is today the parish church.

I got to know Diana during a concert in Oslo in 2010. Somehow I managed to end up in the “German corner” in front of the stage. Well… I guess most of the people in front of the stage were German so it wasn’t too difficult to end up in the “German corner”. Coincidences lead sometimes to good things – like new friends… We stayed in touch after the concert and found out that we have a fellow passion – art.

Copyright by Diana Dinslage

Diana always had a passion for painting and other creative activities and she’s always trying out new things. Painting and graphic arts have been a private activity and she has done some commissional work, mainly portraits of friends. She started to take photos in the early 90-ties. She works digital and takes photos of events, landscapes and animals.
In 2011 some of her photos were used at The Appartjik Light Space Modulator at The New National gallery in Berlin, Germany.
When Diana takes photos it’s important to her to find the “special thing” in the subject. It has to be interesting and tell a story. The subject isn’t necessarily the most important thing. She thinks that even the most banal objects become interesting with the right perspective. In the best case a photo tells a story.

Copyright by Diana Dinslage

Diana is a dedicated rider and owns four horses – Abboschino, Arktis, Isis and Spellbound Indian Summer.
She’s a show-jumper and participates both national and international. She started to ride at the age of nine. At the age of 11 she slowly started to participate in at horse shows. She really started with show-jumping and dressage riding from the end of 1990. From the end of 1991 she started with Eventing which is a combination of dressage, jump and terrain with barriers.
Diana participated successfully at district- , regional championship, Rhenish championships and more.
In 1994 she was honored with the special prize of the German Olympic committee of equitation during the Rhenish championship “eventing for special achievements”. She was offered education by Andreas Dibowski in Luhmühlen in 1997, but chose to keep riding as a hobby.
She’s now a senior rider and still participates at championships. In 2009 she took the step to become a horse breeder when her mares Isis and Arktis got their first foals. Her love to horses also shows in her photos.

Contact information:

Diana Dinslage
E-mail: diana-dinslage@t-online.de
Website: www.diana-dinslage.com

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