Gabriele Kleist


Tankstelle Copyright Gaby Kleist

"Tankstelle" Copyright G. Kleist

Gabriele Kleist is a German painter. She was born in 1961 in Frankfurt am Main.She’s been working as a painter since the mid 90-ties.Her education she got from artist Valentina Kulagina and private studies. Her works mainly are abstract paintings in acryl. Since 2010 she’s a member of the art association “Kunst-Werk” Hanau e.V.

Gabriele in her own words:
“I find an inspiration through travelling, in everyday life, nature and sometimes through a “good book” she says. “Decisive and always a part of my work is “mother nature”. Nature delivers the best submittals for colours, composition and ideas for my work. I’m not obsessed by my paintings. But I’m obsessed enough to get impressed by certain external influences that I express them through painting.”

An example for this is the series “Utopica”. It was inspired by Gabriele´s meeting with an early work by Jackson Pollock in New York and it also has been influenced by the organic and near-natural subjects by Antonio Gaudi.

Utopica Picture 1 Copyright by Gabi Kleist

"Utopica" Picture 1 Copyright by G. Kleist

“Life is an even flow and full of impressions and so my ideas develop to my paintings. It’s an action of processing external influences on the canvas.

My works are various in topic, colour and work techniques since I’m always in a condition of further development and redevelopment. Like for example “Waterworld I” and “Stranded II”.

Stranded Copyright by Gaby Kleist

"Stranded" Copyright by G. Kleist

Exhibitions in Germany

„Gegensätze“                        Congress Park Hanau, Hanau
„Contrasts“,                          KunstWerk Hanau, Hanau
“ArtGarden“,                        Gabriele Kleist, Waldsolms
“Chronicle of my work”   Taunus Sparkasse, Bad Homburg
“21 – Twentyone“               Kulturverein pro Fechenheim. E.V., Frankfurt
„Metallica“                             Galerie Aurum, Bad Homburg

“Black-White-Rust”           Kulturfestival Days of Respect, Frankfurt
“Paintings”                             Seedammbad, Bad Homburg
“The Road”                            Norweststadt Bibliotek, Frankfurt
“Paintings”                             Stadtbücherei, Oberursel
“Various”                                Kunstcafe, Wetzlar
“Colours and Forms”         Rathaus, Hanau
“Instants”                              Taunnussparkasse, Oberursel
“Paintings”                             Altstadtcafé, Bad Homburg

“Energy”                                 Fine Art Exhibition, Oberursel
“Energy”                                 Galerie Pianohaus, Oberquembach

“ArtGarden”                          Gabriele Kleist, Waldsolms
„World of heads“                Karnstedt, Frankfurt a.M.

“Headgames”                        GEWO Bau, Bad Homburg
“Art and Brunch”                Life and Art, Wetzlar
Art and jewelry”               Life and Art, Wetzlar

„Art in Nature“                    Gabriele Kleist, Waldsolms

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