Suzanne Martin – Taexalia


Designed by Taexalia

I got to know Suzanne Martin through the TSLO exhibitions in Denmark some years ago and since then I’ve enjoyed to see her work grow. She’s got an incredible talent for design, shapes and colour.
Suzanne Martin is also known as Taexalia. She was born in Aberdeen in the North-East of Scotland. During her childhood, she spent school terms in the city and school holidays on a croft near Crimmond.

She believes this mix of urban and rural environments makes her who she is today – and artist living on the edge of Burntisland with a rural view out the back window, and a view of the town out the front. Beyond the town, her front view includes the Firth of Forth, Arthur’s Seat and the City of Edinburgh, where she lived for eight years.

Designed and Copyright by Taexalia

Taexalia primarily works in polymer clay, making beads and focals and turning them into jewellery. She is a creative junkie who also plays with photography, painting, drawing, knitting, wildlife gardening, writing, blogging, collage and is currently teaching herself mosaic making. She is looking forward to hearing about the Royal Premiere of The Hobbit as her Angels and Demons Necklace will be decorating one of the attendees.

Taexalia is inspired by the colours in nature, the turning of the seasons, folk stories and myths and archetypal energies. She is currently working with the Warrior Woman aspect.

Designed and Copyright by Taexalia

Colour fascinates Suzanne, and she spends a lot of time mixing her own colours and trying to mimic things from nature that she has captured with her camera. Most of her creative thinking is done whilst out walking with her greatest teacher, a rescued Greyhound called Logan.

She blogs intermittently at
Her jewellery and more blogging can be found at


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