Torhild Einardotter Floberg – Norwegian landscapes and children’s books


Painitng by Torhild Einardotter Floberg

painting by Torhild Einardotter Floberg

Torhild Einardotter Floberg is a Norwegian painter, living in Oslo. She’s got her own studio at Veitvet Centre since 2012. Torhild signs her works with her maiden name T. Oshaug.

Torhild started her education in arts at the MI study-studio with an introduction in colour and shape. From 1993 to 1994 she was a student of the landscape painter Dag Hol. In the spring of 1995 she travelled to Provence, France for studies of landscape and light. After the study-journey to France she studied at the third department at Oslo Tegne- og Maleskole.

In 1996 she started the studio Beierbrua Atelier together with eight other artists where she worked until 2004 when the studio was closed.

From 2002 to 2008 she worked as a writer and illustrator at the children and Youth magazine Zoom.

Torhild in her own words:
“I paint my paintings with oil colours and I paint on boards not on canvas.I chose to paint on boards since I don’t like the feeling it gives to paint on a background that sags. I want stability and scrape the paint to create different structures. ”

Painting by Torhild Einardotter Floberg

Painting by Torhild Einardotter Floberg


Private exhibitions
2013   Pop-up gallery, Veitvet Centre, Oslo
2010   Leker og mer, Årvoll Senter, Oslo
2006   Deichmanske bibliotek Bjerke, Oslo
2005   Den kule mage, Grünerløkka, Oslo
2000   City hall, Åndalsnes
1994   City hall, Åndalsnes

Group exhibitions

  • Granlunds Kunsthandel
  • Lions Årvoll
  • Lions Bøler
  • Gallery V 17
  • Gallery Steen
  • Vangs Kunst og rammer

Bought by

  • Rauma Kunstlag
  • Grünerløkka Trykk og kopisenter


  • Dronniga er sjefen – Kolofon Forlag

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