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Working on new photos, or a photographic personal comment

In a couple of month I gonna be in Cologne to show some photos. I’ll exhibit with “Künstler ohne Grenzen” during the KalkKunst event opening September 18th. I’m working on a concept connected to “childhood – now” with digital photomontage. Half of my life I lived in Cologne, Germany before I moved to Oslo, Norway back in 1994. I’m working on creating some photos connecting my life now with childhood memories. These to images might be in the exhibition. They are called “Remember where you came from” and “Be proud of where you are”. Both are digital collages with three layers

123 days words of wisdom

Today I had to go to the city center. I use to avoid that on Saturdays since it use to be crowded. I had to run some errands, and when I was done I used the opportunity to go for a walk. I walked out to a part of the city where they still are building the new part called Sørenga and found a nice little coffee bar there. Really relaxing to walk in the sun. Of course I didn’t manage to do half of what I’d plan to do at home…. Well… Todays words of wisdom “Life in the moment. That’s the only thing that’s real” Have a great weekend!

And the winners are….

On day 100 of my personal “words of wisdom” challenge I said that I would give away some artwork to those who comment on the Day 100 post. The winners each receiving a photo are: nkiru50 Gitti Richardson Allan Twiname Congratulations!!! The photos soon gonna be on the way to you :-) :-) :-)  

Far away – yet close – Poems in 3 languages Paperback or e-book

Back in 2010 i published the book “Far away – yet close”. “Far away – yet close” was in a way the closure of a personal process where I got to know my artistically expression. Is a book with photos and poems in three languages. Just some days ago a friend did send me a message which made me very happy. Her father had bought my book last autumn and he gave it as a present to a relative before Christmas as a birthday present. Now he received a letter saying “Thank you for the greetings to my birthday, especially for the three languages book. It’s been quite tumultuous here lately, so first now I found the courage to engage myself to the poems, and I’m fascinated by it and so the atmospheric photos! It’s created by a real artist and I’m sure I’ll read it several times. Thank you very, very much!” I always feel my heart is beating faster when I get such feedback out of the blue. When I published the book …

107 days words of wisdom

Thursday – feeling like friday…. BUT I have to work tomorrow… AND than finally: Oslo Yogafestival all weekend :-) :-) :-) Really looking forward to it :-) Gonna be some busy yoga weeks ahead :-) School next weekend, one weekend of and so 2 long weekends with school :-)  By than we almost have March – and a tiny hope for spring…. (Time runs fast when you having fun. ;-) ) I also gonna teach virya classes each Wednesday, and somebody told me “You risk to get in serious good condition!” :-P :-P :-P Guess todays words of wisdom have to be about “yoga” :-) “Happiness is an inside job.“                         W.A. Ward Still some days left to comment on Day 100 to win some artwork (photos)

Day 104 – words of wisdom

Day 104…. Monday again… Went to a great yoga lesson and felt light as a feather walking home on the icy road…. Well, I’m here! I survived the way home… ;-) Remember to go to Day 100 to win one of my artworks…. (Follow the link by clicking Day 100) The photo above is one of those you can win by simply leaving a short comment. Todays words of wisdom:

103 days words of wisdom

Photo & Copyright by Anny Langer “The drop” “Without stirring abroad one can know the whole world; without looking out of the window one can see the way of heaven.!         Loa Tzu   Day 103…. Spending the day at home, trying to get some work done…. Remember to go to Day 100 to win one of my artworks….