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195 days words of wisdom

“Spring has returned. The earth is like a child that knows poems.”   Rainer Maria Rilke Monday… Since Saturday it suddenly summer in Oslo and that in April. LOVE IT! Still my body got a shock since it suddenly became that warm. Mor than + 20 degrees in the sun today. Took for children for a walk and they were happy and jumpy and wanted to go for a swim… Well… We couldn’t do that today…. Still, coming to work and get warm welcomes and smiles from children and co-workers is worth getting up in the morning. Happy day today :-) :-) :-) Hope you all had a happy Monday.

174 days words of wisdom

“To live a creative life we must loose our fear of being wrong.” Monday… Time is running fast. Vacation. :-) Starting the week spending time with all kinds of small things, but things has to be done, like taxes, paying bills, baking bread and all those small things that take some time. Have you ever wondered what you do all day? All this everyday stuff actually takes some time… I finally could pick up my phone after it was repared. It took some time to get everything back on it from the back up… And I shopped grocceries. Forgot to go shopping on Saturday and the fridge was quite empty. Packing some stuff to go to the studio later this afternoon to finish a little project. Then I’ll be able to start some new drawings for the “After work there is reality” project. Always things to do :-) Wish you all a great Monday.

Words of wisdom – Day 90

Monday night… . Back at work after 5 days off… . So it’s quite “back to normal mode”… . Work, short break at home, yoga, back home, answering mails, writing mails, paying bills and eat some light food… Thought about a Monday quote… Found this… unfortunately I couldn’t find out who wrote this, but I found it on “Monday can either be a start to a struggle week or a fresh reminder that THIS WEEK, YOU WILL BE STRONG.” Have a great weekend!

Picture of the week

It’s MONDAY everyone!!! New week and a totally new month! Looking forward to find out what October is up to… ;-) Right now it looks promising. Studio-weekend next weekend and the weekend after that I’ll join some friends with kids to see a children`s theater. Lucky me who’s got friends with kids who like me to join in things like that. :-) Not to forget – October 4th to October 14th we’ve got the 22nd Films from the South Festival in Oslo and the Oslo World Music Festival opens on October 29th! Last weekend there also have been many art events in Oslo, but I’ll tell you about that in an other post… First of all it’s picture of the week time and I give you a small collage of some summer photos taken in Germany. Enjoy the week everyone and stay tuned… ;-)

Picture of the week

Hello guys! It’s Monday again! :-) Here in Oslo we had the most fantastic wheater the last couple of days. Summer has arrived and people went on boat trips to the small islands to barbecue, swim and more. The nights have been warm and light – typical nordic summer nights. Magical! :-) Life feels so easy … Send you all a flower and hope you’ll enjoy this week. Take care!

Almost Monday – picture of the week…

Well, since it’s “almost Monday” here in Oslo and it already is Monday some other place and since I was too late” with “the picture of the week last week… Here we go – this weeks picture !!! ;-) It’s the first almost finished drawing for the next exhibition at Steinbruddet opening May, 13th at 1 pm. You’re of course all welcome if you’re close by… Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish it today. A bit too much gardening yesterday resulted into a trip to the emergency room this morning and that ended with a big bandage and strong painkillers :-( Well… I still have to Wednesday afternoon to finish two drawings and put them into frames… Wish me luck guys! Have a really great week everyone!